If Weight, Fitness and Time Matters

Except time, everything else in this world is available in plenty. Fast and instant are the latest catchwords. Ready to serve and ready-made have made life easier for everyone today. The word fitness does not go with instant, fast, ready-made or ready to serve. It is a time consuming process for one to get fit. So, for people who want fast and fitness to go together there can be a way out. Lightweight fitness equipment can be the answer. The trend of buying exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, treadmills, cross trainers for cardiovascular training is picking up fast with city folks.

If you like to exercise in the privacy of your home, lightweight equipment could be the perfect solution. They do not take up too much space and they are not too much. In reality, there is not much difference between lightweight and heavyweight fitness equipment. Lightweight equipments are made for the use of 4 to 5 members of a home where as a heavy weight equipment are for professional setup.

Cardiovascular and strength training are the 2 important factors of a fitness training program. Both areas must be given equal importance. For cardiovascular training, one should follow 20 minutes session 3 times a week. Aerobics are the best bet for this. Also, an indoor cycle, treadmill or elliptical trainer can provide good cardiovascular training. While cardiovascular exercises help your internal well being, strength training builds strong muscles and defines external physical looks with healthy muscles and bones. A pair of lightweight dumbbells and a weight bench can be used for numerous strength-training routines. Resistive bands are also good alternatives to these lightweight fitness equipments. Weighing just below 300gms, resistive bands can show wonderful results in toning muscles. For back, shoulder and abdomen muscles, ab-slides and ab-balls help and are available from different brands and for a very small price.

The leg weights and hand weights can be the answer to people who have larger hip and height problems. The weights come from to to 5kgs. Other lightweight fitness equipment like the push up stands, steppers, cross trainers, light weight magnetic bikes, elliptical systems are available in light weight too. Specially, foldable magnetic treadmill, Abs-tummy, air walker, bench stepper, trimmer, soft and steel dumbbells, ab-shaper are made as lightweight fitness gadgets

Advantages of light weight fitness equipment:

They're lightweight.

Easy on your purse.

Foldable and do not occupy space.

Easy to handle.


One word of caution: For Pregnant women, just walking is insufficient. For post pregnancy women, for light fitness training, medical advice is must. For those who have underone cesarean operation, fitness programs should be started / resumed only after 6 months rest.

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