Real Estate Software That Works

How often have you been in a business situation where things just do not make sense. A real case of, the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.

The problem is often caused by two or more independent systems supporting the process without any cross-checking. Processes based on such systems break down because they rely on the somewhat fallible human factor. People are left to do the necessary checks to avoid duplication, miscommunication, non-communication and a whole host of other easily avoidable mishaps.

Well this scenario is not uncommon, if not rife, amongst today's internet aware brokers and agents. Yes, they have a website. Yes, they have a blog. Yes, they have an autoresponse system and Yes, they have a lead capture and management system.

But never the twain (or four or more) shall meet!

The software that manages lists and prints schedules and updates the website automatically does not have the leads. If it does have the leads, it does not get updated automatically from the website so when a new lead registers on the website, it has to be transferred from the email that was received.

When an autoresponse gets sent by email, it does not include property information because, you got, it comes from a different system.

When the agents contacts the lead, they have to look up what has been sent in the past in a different system.

Part of this is caused by history. We have a BackOffice process and therefore system aka Server / Computer and this was later joined by an Internet publishing process and therefore a separate Webserver.

In this day and age, it makes sense to have a single integrated solution where all the information is kept in one place. And why should that place not be the internet. Why insist on having an office server with all the data, only to have a full copy of it on the Webserver?

The answer is to have your website, your listings management, leads manageement and email management in single, integrated, web based solution.

Your listings are stored on your Webserver (where there would be a copy of them anyway). A client registers on your site and they are stored on your Webserver and when you add a client manually they are stored, yes you guessed, on your Webserver.

This way, you have a solution that can match clients to properties, properties to clients, print schedules, send emails and retain full client contact history in a single place. New properties that are added are immediately on your site without need to sync. New clients that register are automatically in your lead funnel, no need to re-enter.

So, if you're looking for software that works, the key is to look for an integrated online solution that spans your complete business process.

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