Symbian Software for Mobiles

There have been major advances in the mobile operating system. What we see today is the advanced technology based smart phones. Thanks to the development of Symbian software that has brought about a revolution all across the globe. Symbian software enables the average user not just to talk over the phone but to do much more than that. To be accurate, it allows the user to surf the Internet over the phone itself, play online games, listen to their favorite numbers and last but not least click beautiful pictures. A couple of years ago, nobody could have ever thought that all these functions would be possible through a compact phone. Symbian software is an addition to the usual operating software systems such as Windows Mobile, Java (J2ME) and Embedded Linux.

Symbian software has raised the bar and set stringent quality standards. It is of great use in sending the Multimedia SMS. Most of the phone providers have returned to the Symbian software system. To name a few leading companies that have made an extensive use of Symbian software are Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. The basic idea is to make the phone more functional. Symbian operating system has received license from the top phone manufacturers of the world. It is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the high tech 3G mobile phones. Symbian software has made an attempt to integrate the advanced applications environment with the mobile telephonic system to provide the highly sophisticated data services to the common man.

Symbian OS v9.5 is the latest version of Symbian that offers approximately 70 new set of features for greater performance level. It has made possible to provide highly powerful smart phones at the cost of mass market. The recent mobile phone series is known for its scalability in the global market. Popular Symbian mobile phone series are Nokia Series 60, Nokia Series 60v2, Nokia Series 80, Siemens 60 UI, and Sony Ericsson P800-900. Symbian software runs on the ARM processor that allows the user to access any kind of information.

S60 is currently one of the leading mobile phone platforms worlds over. The credit for its development goes to Nokia. Nokia has given the licensing to other manufacturers as well including Samsung, LG Electronics, Lenovo, and Panasonic. The display resolution of the S60 mobile phone device is 176×208. S60 enjoys a competitive advantage due to the fact that it supports multiple resolutions such as Basic (176×208), QVGA (240×320) and Double (352×416). Nokia N90 is the original device with a very high resolution.

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