Defining Formal Wear

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Some occasions require formal attire. Many charity events or fundraisers are black tie affairs. Several of us do not know the difference between black-tie or white-tie events. In order to dress the part it is essential to understand what the evening entails. A party can be a nerve racking event as you plan what to wear. Having the perfect outfit will ease your pre-party jitters.

A white tie invitation means that a woman should wear a full-length gown. While a man should wear a full tuxedo with a vest, shirt and white tie. A white tie affair is ultra-formal and stylish.

If you receive an invitation to a black tie gala know that this is a formal event. A woman must wear a cocktail dress, preferably long, while a man wears a tuxedo. In cities where the fashion elite mingle, such as New York, a black tie invitation may mean a black shirt.

Now, a variation of a black tie evening is a creative black tie event. This means that the attendees are allowed to interpret the formal wear. A woman may wear a short evening gown while a man wears a black shirt without a tie.

A black tie event can require different forms of dress. One of these variants is the Texas black tie or a themed party. These two events can be more fun and call for a unique dressing style. Do not be afraid to be bold and to have fun with your look. For a Texas black tie event maybe wear a short silver dress with southwestern jewelry.

An invitation that requires cocktail attire means that a man should wear a dark suit. Women should wear a short or long cocktail dress. Many women wear the “little black dress” to events such as this.

A semi-formal event can be defined in many different ways. A semi formal event that takes place after five requires a dark suit for a man and a cocktail dress for a woman. A semi formal event that is held during the day only requires a short dress for her and a suit for him. If the invitation reads business formal a woman should wear a more tailored look such as a dressy suit.

A casual evening or informal party allows the woman to wear dressy trousers and the man can wear a sports coat with khakis. Some events may be dressy casual which means t-shirts, sneakers or jeans are inappropriate for the event or party.

During the holiday season an event or party may call for festive attire. An example of festive attire would be wearing red or green to a social event held around Christmas time. Festive looks should be dazzling and invoke a feeling of merriment.

If you are nervous about the cost of evening attire do not fret. Many formal looks can be achieved for less then a hundred pounds. If you are dressing within the confines of a tight budget search through friends closets or shop the clearance racks. A woman or man can look phenomenal without having to spend a fortune. For more tips on dressing for formal or casual occasions visit the website You can also purchase terrific accessories and more at Fashion Obsessed.

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