Shawls and Brooches – Getting the Perfect Fashion Match

Broaches have been around for ages, even way back to the Bronze Age. They were primarily ornamental pieces in Early Rome and Greece and were also used by European nomadic tribes. Aside from being decorative, brooches also had very practical uses then as it does now such as holding a garment together like cloaks, shawls or a neckerchief.

The allure of these pretty and practical pieces is still present today, especially as wearing shawls have become a fashion statement. When you need to fasten your alley together or secure it in place, a careful-chosen brooch will do the job plus give a nice finish to your outfit. Just make sure the brooch is lightweight if you're wearing it with a hand-knitted or any other delicate wrap.

In ancient times, it was typical to find brooches made of bronze, silver or gold decorated with various gemstones. Today, you will find brooches made from a wide variety of materials, not just metals, from fabrics to glass, in multitude of colors and unique designs like that of a Geisha made of hand-blown glass or hand-painted ceramic beads.

You can even have your brooches custom made so if you have a shawl that has a unique print, you can purchase a fabric brooch and have a matching gemstone added to it. You can use your birthstone to make the piece more personal. That's also a great idea for a birthday gift.

While you can certainly find very affordable brooches for your shawls, making them yourself is easy and fun. All you really need in addition to a dose of creativity are brooch backs, which come in different sizes, beads or other appropriate charms. You can find all of these in craft stores and haberdashes.

To make a shawl brooch, you can simply glue the decoration you've chosen onto the closed side of the brooch or pin. Some stitch or crochet on the decoration. Remember, use materials that are appropriate to the shawl. For instance, make a brooch with a light adornment such as a silk flower for a similar lightweight shawl so as not to weigh it down and ruin it. Silk flower brooches are, in fact, very popular.

Designer ones can cost up to $ 60. You can easily make these and other pretty brooches and you do not have to spend more than $ 5 each. It's up to you whether you just want to shop or make your own brooches. One thing is certain – these functional, fashionable pieces are here to stay.

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