Natural Search Engine Optimization – Do not "Game the System" Or You Will Get Banned!

When focusing on natural search engine optimization, it is important that you keep the process "white hat." You see, when it comes to SEO you have three schools of thought: White hat, Gray hat, and Black hat. As you can probably infer, white hat is following the rules, gray hat is a little in between, and black hat is going against parameters that Google and other major search platforms have set for ethical SEO practices.

So why should you avoid black and gray hat tactics? In many cases they involve illegal activities that can get you or your company in major trouble. In addition, websites that are using black and gray hat SEO tactics will often times get bounced from Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

So, with that said, what are some natural search engine optimization techniques that can keep your website "White hat" and increase your rankings at the same time?

1. Article marketing. You should regularly submit articles to popular articles directories. This increases the amount of traffic to your website, and also gives you powerful, one way links pointing back to your website. Article directories are often highly relevant to the search networks, so the link juice you obtain from these articles carry significant weight. In addition to this, the articles that you submit to these article directories can often times get listed high themselves for long-tail keyword phrases! Article marketing is one of the best natural search engine optimization techniques that you can use to increase your search engine rankings.

2. Blogging. Blogging is vital for natural search engine optimization, as it provides fresh, unique content for your website on a weekly basis. You should update your blog once per week with keyword rich content that focuses on helping your target market solve a particular problem. By doing this, you will increase your loyal following, as well as boost your rankings.

3. Comment on Do-Follow Blogs that Use KeywordLuv. Blogs are typically nofollow, meaning that any links left in a comment will not carry much weight with major search networks. However, some blogs are dofollow, meaning that these links you leave in your comment can actually boost your search rankings for your targeted keywords. For example, if your targeted keyword phrase was "Los Angeles Recording Studio" you could leave a comment in this format:

"YourName @ Los Angeles Recording Studio."

It looks odd I know, but Google will read it as a valuable link that contains the keyword phrase you are trying to rank for in anchor text. This natural search engine optimization technique may not seem so natural, but it is perfectly ethical, and will impact your natural optimization campaign in a positive way.

Make sure that you stick to natural search engine optimization techniques, because if you risk going black hat or even gray hat your website can get banned by the major search engines, then killing your internet marketing campaign. You do not want this to happen, because it cripple your online marketing efforts!

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