How to Get Off the Couch and Get Active

As I am sitting here on my couch, very early on a Monday morning enjoying my coffee and writing, I am moved to talk about this subject. I know it may sound a bit odd that I am actually on my couch and talking about getting up off the couch.

The reason is simple, the hardest day of the week for me to "get up and get active" is Monday morning. Why is that? I believe it is because all my life, I have said, "I will do that starting Monday" or "I will exercise next week". We seem to always put things off until "Monday". But too often, the Monday that we actually start never comes around.

The time to start anything is "Right Now", not later. When I started my own personal transformation, I realized I seemed to always be waiting for time to be perfect. Not too cold, not to hot, not the middle of the month, oh my, no, not the end of the month. I had to find the perfect time and that time just never seemed to come. I created a habit of waiting for the perfect time and in order to change my results, I had to change that habit. I learned to act now, so that I could continue the action later and for a long time to come.

There are so many tomorrows. So many reasons to put things off and maybe feel better, have more energy, have more motivation, have the right diet plan, or maybe even have the right buddy to help you out. But those perfect situations are only in our minds. The only real and true time to do anything is "Right Now". There is only one "Right Now". Only one perfect moment to take action and that is this moment.

So, how do you get off the couch now and get active? Simple, in order to start getting healthy and motivated, you simply stand up and move. The more you do, the more you are able to do. I work from home so I spend the majority of my days at home and yes, I have tons of time (not really) but that is what most of my friends and family think. But during the course of a day, I rarely sit at all. When I decided to get healthy, I realized sitting was my enemy. Once I sat, it was just too easy to sit for long periods of time. By staying active and constantly on the move, I find I do not like to sit around any longer at all. Plus, I am healthy, I am actually sleeping better than ever in my life (probably my body knows that when I stop, it is time to sleep). And, I am always ready to do something with my friends. The crazy thing is, I am never too tired to go out and have fun.

When you make an effort to move, you find it easier and easier to move. The easier it is to move, the more you want to move and you start the perverbial snowball rolling. It gets easier, more fun and something you actually look forward to.

So just get up and move. The perfect time is right now. Find what motivates you and start right now. As for me, it is time to get dressed, have a quick morning energizing workout and get my day rolling because it is going to be a glorious day.

To your unstoppable success …

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