Microsoft Certificates – Why Are They Important to Computer Professionals?

There are a variety of reasons why Microsoft certificates are important to computer professionals. Computer professional employers need to hire competent employees for IT solutions. And, those computer professionals who have certificates and are looking for employment are more easily employable.

Beside, the numbers do not lie – 75% of managers believe that certificates are important for team performance, and 66% of managers believe that certificates improve the level of service and support offered to IT users and customers.

The fact is that getting certified by Microsoft is no walk in the park. They require rigorous exams to be passed before certification is granted. This means that the person who is certified in that area has demonstrated at one time a remarkable expertise in that type of technology.

This will appeal to computer professionals in all types of businesses. For example, there are certificates as they refer to satisfying customer needs, to reducing the downtime of a network and making the network run more efficiently, as well as certification related to services that will take your company to a higher level.

Those who possess Microsoft certifications have been shown to improve the deployment of projects within an organization. This means that with a Microsoft certified professional you have a better chance of delivering a project on time and also delivering it within your budget.

Also, there is no denying that unplanned support can eat up all of your human and information resources. Independent research has validated the fact that those who are certified in specific Microsoft technologies decrease the chance that unplanned support will be needed, as well as cut back on downtime related to technology.

Another often overlooked reason computer professionals find it important to get certified by Microsoft because it is a great tool to use to get projects outsourced. When a vendor has outsourced a project, they want to outsource it to an expert. Having the correct certification is a great way of proving expertise.

In any case, those who have been certified in different Microsoft technologies will enjoy competitive advantage over others in their fields, because their skill levels will be more advanced, both as they refer to technical skills as well as professional skills.

In conclusion, I have demonstrated to you why employers and computer professionals place Microsoft certifications in high regard.

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