The Queens of Ancient Egypt

This is a very brief overview about some of the major Ancient Egyptian Queens:

– Ankhesenamun – Her original name was Ankhesenpaaten Queen of Egypt who reigned 1332-1322 BCE; she was the third daughter of Akhenaton and Nefertiti (the rulers of the Amarna revolution).

– Cleopatra VII – She was of Macedonian descent, not Egyptian; however, she learned Egyptian and regarded herself as the daughter of Re (although she was the second daughter of King Ptolemy XII). She was born in 69 BCE, passed (suicide) in 30 BCE, and reigned from 51-30 BCE.

– Hatshepsut – She was also known as Hatshopsitu, reigned from circa 1472-58 BCE, and was the daughter of King Thutmose I and Queen Ahmose. She was indeed the first royal woman to ascend the throne of Ancient Egypt and with the sanctified blessings of Amun-Ra.

– Nefertari – She ruled along side of Ramesses the Great (or Ramesses II) during the Nineteenth Dynasty and did not rule for long because she passed at a very young age; she was one of eight royal wives of Ramesses II: Istnofret, Bint-Anath (Binthanath), Aerytamun (Merytamon or Merit-Amun), Nebettawy, Henutmire, Maathomeferure, and a Hittite princess (historians claim that there is little or no information about her).

– Nefertiti – Her name was also spelled Nefertiit and Nofretete; she was the wife of King Akhenaton (who reigned 1353-36 BCE); she ruled alongside her husband but for only twelve years.

There are many more royal women of Ancient Egypt and of the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian religion) spiritual path.

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