40th Birthday Jokes

What is it about one’s 40th birthday that makes one dread it? The answer is that most people hate the thought of being “over the hill”! Even as turning forty is not one of the easiest things in the world, it sure does open up the flood gates of pranks and jokes! Some people take an almost sadistic pleasure in knowing that a friend or relative has turned forty! While they may not peer closely at your hair in the hope of spotting your gray hair, they will not pass up the opportunity of sending you a 40th birthday gift, joke or gag that conveys the message loud and clear!

Leaving these people behind, there are others who love to have a good laugh and therefore enjoy sending out funny poems and gifts that not only lighten the event but bring joy and laughter along with sincere wishes to the recipient. Don’t forget that turning forty is a milestone in life’s journey, and has to be remembered. As this is an important birthday, make sure that you make your friend’s fortieth birthday a memorable one filled with fun and laughter.

There are plenty of jokes that actually make fun of aging or becoming old. These surely help in lightening the fear and dread of becoming older, by adding laughter to the whole situation. Make sure that someone you care for has a fortieth birthday that is funny without being corny by bringing joy to a person who is getting older. It makes it easier to do this if the person celebrating his/her 40th birthday has a great sense of humor.

One-liners and short jokes are the ones that are best. It is obvious that most fortieth birthday jokes will end with a great punch line about becoming older. If your joke is too long, then it could get boring and end up with the listener anticipating the typical punch line before you can get to it. Therefore short, quick jokes are the answer.

Another tip is that you should not overdo it. Tell only a few “over the hill” jokes which will be really funny. If you tell too many jokes at a time, it will not only get boring but monotonous. Never ever make the person feel really old, especially if YOU are younger! The point of telling these 40th birthday jokes is to have fun and not to make the person feel worse.

You can try and be original by making up your own fortieth birthday jokes. This can be done by changing around certain details so that they actually relate to personal situations in the person’s life. Mix personal stories about the “birthday boy/gal” with your jokes so that they are more entertaining. All the time, you have to remember that the main aim of all these jokes is to have fun – so do not go overboard and be insulting and sarcastic etc.

Make sure that you hit your friend’s or relative’s funny bone with 40th birthday jokes, gifts or gags that will not only guarantee laughter and entertainment all around but make them feel better about their balding pate, expanding middle or thick glasses! You could also get a funny singing telegram to surprise the person at home or at the office. This is sure to send colleagues and co-workers into splits of laughter.

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