The Vegas Guide for Girls' Night Out

So my wife's girlfriend is getting married, and was asking around about cool bachelorette party ideas in Vegas, so that her troupe of "girls only, boys out" can go for the weekend. In this situation, well, of course I have to think carefully before I answer, because whatever my suggestions are, my wife will be going too, as part of the girl troupe. So I sat down and ran a list of places that offer clean and good fun (keeping in mind to cancel the spots where I could imagine hairy chest men with heavy cologne trying to hit on my wife). Here are my top suggestions for a weekend to remember for the soon-to-be bride before her wedding day:

For an action packed weekend: When you think of surrendering your single status for the rest of your life, it's natural that you have some fears or doubts about whether you're doing the right thing, however the person you choose is the right one . The fears and doubts cause you to be cautious, uptight even. Do not be afraid, for it's perfectly natural to have these feelings. It's how you manage the feelings that will affect you wedding planning. So why not let it all out? The Stratosphere Hotel offers you a chance to scream and let loose your inhibitions when you try their thrilling rides. A note of warning – this party is definitely not for the weak-hearted.

For a sizzling hot weekend: Watch six-pack abs men strut their stuff in different types of costumes that will sure fulfill every woman's fantasies, from dashing doctors and heroic firemen, to muscular captains and sexy soldiers. From the producers of Flamingo's "X" Burlesque, these Men of "X" will perform sensual choreography with their bodies that will certainly leave the ladies hot and wanting for more. Expect to dance along to the music, as the Men of "X" move around the showroom to interact intimately with the ladies. Catch this show from Wednesdays through Sundays at Hooters Casino Hotel from 8pm onwards. For General Admission, the tickets are priced at $ 34.99, but I'd suggest you go for the VIP seating. It costs only $ 10 more, and you get special attention from the guys.

For a party-till-you-drop weekend: Nobody does it like the Hard Rock Hotel. World-renovated Deejays and celebrity guests will guarantee that you will party from sunrise till sundown, and beyond. Join thousands of rich and beautiful revelers in one of the best poolside parties you will ever find. Go ahead and book that private cabana just for your group and party away like Katy Perry did at her bachelorette party, right there at Rehab.

There you go ladies – my personal suggestions on cool ideas for a weekend bachelorette party. I've personally attended quite a few bachelors' parties in Vegas myself, and I can safely say that if you do it the proper way, you will not have any regrets later in life. I wish all the ladies out there who are having your own bachelorette parties a fun time away from your partners!

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