Search Engine Optimization – Is SEO a Must For Your Internet Marketing Strategy?

Some people are saying that optimizing your web pages for the likes of Google and Yahoo is not all-important anymore. Is that really the case?

I used to have mixed feelings about search engine optimization. People said there were no 'guarantees' with SEO and I naively bought into that. Then I started to realize that the truth is that there are no guarantees with article marketing and pay per click too, as they are all subject to the whims of Google's algorithms.

So do I recommend doing SEO now? In my opinion, it's a must now. You've got to get your content on to your own site and use that as link bait to get high search engine rankings. If I targeted any PPC keyword in the world and could generate a profitable campaign from it, I would definitely want to look into ways to get amongst the top organic search engine rankings for that keyword. That would improve the ROI drastically, as your costs suddenly become zero.

The result: insane profits really.

The biggest barrier with SEO is really time. And patience. You've got to spend time generating links patiently at a decent pace to your web pages to avoid triggering the spiders' suspicions. I've had campaigns where I built links all in the first week alone, but that strategy will only work for less competitive keywords. And nowdays, you also need to spend a lot of time optimizing your web pages with regards to LSI. You can not be too methodical with SEO.

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