Top 10 Sweet 16 Party Must Haves

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A sweet sixteen is a monumental milestone in a young woman’s life. Sweet 16 videography and Mtv made the sweet sixteen larger than life by elaborate over the top parties at some of the most amazing venues. There’s amazing amount of pressure for the birthday girl to throw the best party of the year. There are certain elements that go into throwing an amazing birthday bash. Below you will find the 10 sweet sixteen party must haves.

1.) Sweet 16 videography- Ever since Mtv’s show ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen”, sweet sixteen videography has become a must have for your princess. Nothing will make her feel more like a movie star than multiple cameras following her around. Creating an amazing story of her day from getting ready, arriving at the party, dancing with her friends, speeches from family, cutting the cake and opening the presents will remain a keep sake in your family forever. Plus, when she shares this cinematic masterpiece on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter it’s guaranteed to increase her popularity throughout the school.

2.) Live Recording Artist Performance- This is an excellent way to really draw massive crowds of friends. Get a popular recording artist to perform at the sweet sixteen party. This is one of the ultimate sweet sixteen gift ideas. This party must have will have the high school kids speaking for days and even years.

3.) DJ- Since there is no alcohol at a sweet sixteen, having the best DJ around is crucial for an excellent throw down. This is the best way to get the party popping and keep the kids dancing all day/night long. Dj’s are known as the superstars of the nightclub nowadays. Get a popular or local DJ to spin and your princess will be thanking you for years to come.

4.) Theme- It’s so important to have a themed sweet sixteen party. Theme’s can range from hipster, red carpet, ballroom, black tie, and many more. Having a theme doesn’t make the party look disorganized. It’s actually awesome to see all the kids get involved and have fun with the themed function.

5.) Tasty Food- Growing kids will always be hungry especially dancing and burning those calories. Nothing is worst than going to a party and eating bad food. Make sure you hire the right catering company or professional chef to feed your guests. Have a wide array of finger foods that can be passed by servers in the beginning of the party. Make sure the main course is made up of salads, pasta, meat, and fish. We can’t forget the cake, make sure it’s a stunning 3 piece layered cake to really wow the guest, and throw some sparklers in it for the main finally. This will sure make a statement.

6.) Grand Entry- You know what they says about being fashionably late. Have your princess roll up in a vintage Bentley or Range Rover Limo to make a statement for her grand entry. If you really want to push the limits even a helicopter fly in would be a jaw dropper. Make sure the DJ spins your choice of track for the walk in extravaganza and the key people of the party are introduced in style.

7.) Entertainment- Having the proper entertainment is key to throwing a proper party. Bring in professional dancers to make a statement. Have some games like dance offs and giveaways to keep the kids having fun all night long.

8.) Venue- It’s so important to have a stunning venue for your little girl. Venue’s can range from Grand Hotels, Breathtaking Banquet halls, Lounge Rooftops, to Nightclubs. Whatever venue you choose make sure you decorate to the nines. This will up the visual quality of the space ten fold.

9.) Gift – Yes mom and dad the party is great, but the main event birthday gift is most important. Give your princess a breathtaking gift like a Car, Ipad, or Personalized jewelry.

10) Security – Lets face it kids will be kids. Every great party has a bit of drama, party crashers, and disorderly conduct. Make a statement with security to keep the party under control and cool. It will make the event look larger than life with a few stocky men keeping everyone in check.

Be sure to give your little girl the party she always dreamed about. A sweet sixteen is monumental milestone and one not to be forgotten. Capture this most amazing event with sweet 16 videography so every breathtaking moment can be remembered for a lifetime. Follow these 10 party must have tips, and your princess will the talk of the school for years to come.

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