Get A Registry Cleaner And Speed ​​Up Your System

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Before trying to understand the need for registry cleaning software, it is important to understand the very basic use of the windows registry. Before Windows 95 windows used system INI files to store the configuration data of all the programs and users. These files were scattered all over the system making the whole operating system unstable and slow. With the introduction of Windows 95 Microsoft included a built in central database that assimilated all this information into one central database that the whole system and the programs could share and access. This speeded up the system at the same time bought with it one main drawback. It could also crash the system if one glitch occurred in any program. These glitches could have been removed by regular cleaning of the registry with registry cleaning software.

Just as you choose a file to store or save your data in Windows stores all its data in a central database called the system registry. The information that Windows needs to store in the registry includes all information about the computer hardware settings and software settings as well as all the permissions that are given to various users such as administrators, users and guests. The compute operating system continues to refer to this system registry to access programs and files and to check whether the user is allowed to add or delete whatever he is trying to.

As one keeps using the system the registry keeps growing. Over time this data that is constantly being added to the registry gets built up to the greater that the registry becomes too big for the system to run efficiently. Here is when it is time to use registry cleaning program such as the PC Mantra registry cleaner or any software you can download and apply to your system.

Windows registry cleaner for various windows operating system is readily available on internet for paid or free downloaded. It can then be used to scan the registry for faults and errors and clean the registry. Registry cleaning software enhances the performance of the PC by clearing the registry of redundant entries and broken links. The Registry Clean utility also compacts the registry by defragmenting the registry. It does this by filling in the spaces left by removing useless data with the useful data in the registry. So it would suffice to say that a registry fixer is software that looks for and deletes outdated entries as well as deletes broken links.

Using a registry cleaner can only make your system run faster and more efficiently.

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