Alias ​​Final Season Disappointments

Now that the Television show Alias ​​has had all its seasons released on DVD, it is a better time then ever to either purchase the show or rent it on Netflix. For a while, Netflix even had Alias ​​available to stream online or through the Xbox 360 which means you do not even have to waste one of your DVD rentals. The show itself is certainly worth buying or purchasing. All the seasons are action packed and amazingly fun although there are some adult concepts so it might not be the ideal show for children.

The first few seasons focus on the CIA with a sci fi twist. The final season is no different except that many of the major characters seem to disappear without a good reason. Two of the best characters, Vaughn and Weiss seem to disappear randomly without any really good explanations. It seems to leave a deep hole in the show. In addition, Jennifer Garner is pregnant throughout the season so the action has to be way decreed for obvious reasons. It is fantastic that they have a pregnant lady acting on TV because TV producers seem to never want to allow pregnant women on TV shows. However, it severely limits actions scenes so that no harm is caused to the baby from accidental karate kicks that could effect the baby. It has the feel that the show is slowly moving towards drama without any real explanation as the first few seasons were so action packed.

The ending of Season 4 is quite satisfactory although there is a tad bit of a cliffhanger. But still, you will be much better off just stopping before the final season while all your favorite characters are still playing a major part. Although Jennifer Garner show a lot of spirit and tries really hard in the final season to show that she is the main character, something is lost without those critical supporting actors. In addition, the show randomly introduces a whole bunch of new characters that do not seem to fit very well with the original cast that stays. Although there is a mild amount of interesting characteristics about the new characters, the audience has a hard time trusting and relating to these characters. They seem very cold and reserved without the passion that was created with the other characters in the first four seasons.

Overall, the final season of Alias ​​is a true disappointment. Whether it is the lack of sci fi in the final season or the lack of actions when compared to the previous seasons, there is just something missing. Many people attribute this to JJ Abrams leaving the show, but it seems that it might be a combination of this along with the loss of critical supporting actors.

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