Obama Helps Moms Go Back to School

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Barack Obama has made a commitment to help moms go back to school while the government pays for it. The goal is to make college education available for everyone and moms are often the ones that miss out.

$ 5500 Federal Scholarships for Moms

He has increased the Federal Pell Grant to $ 5500 which will help many moms make the transition into school without worrying about financial hardship. The reason why mothers are being targeted is that they are usually the ones who miss out on college due to lack of money and time.

But studying via online education, and using money from the Pell Grant, means that moms can now earn a degree without even leaving the home or spending their own money. If you are a mom who is excited about this development, then you are not alone.

So because there are so many moms keen to take up this offer, not everyone will be accepted. But it is certainly well worth worth trying and if you do not end up getting a Pell grant, there are other scholarships out there for you so do not give up, whatever you do!

Who is eligible for Obama's Moms Back to School Financial Assistance?

Moms (and other people) meeting certain income guidelines, can be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant. Even if you are already working but are on a low wage, you can qualify.

So if you are a single mom and do not want to give up your job to study, the grant is perfect for you as it allows you to have a job. Using scholarship money to pay for your education means that you do not have to compromise when it comes to taking care of your family while you study.

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