Plato’s Secret

The ancient Greeks had a relaxed attitude toward masturbation, regarding the act as a normal and healthy substitute for other forms of sexual pleasure. They considered it a safety valve against destructive sexual frustration. Masturbation in both their art and writings was called anaphlan, which roughly translates as “up-fire.”

Diogenes, speaking in jest, credited the god Hermes with its invention: he allegedly took pity on his son Pan, who was pining for Echo but unable to seduce her, and taught him the trick of masturbation in order to relieve his suffering. Pan in his turn taught the habit to young shepherds.

It is also believed that Prometheus was punished not only for literally bringing fire to the humans, but up-fire, anaphlan. This offended the gods who intended for humans to multiply and not to exercise anaphlan. The secret masturbation technique of the Olympians, was eventually lost and then rediscoverd again.

I have long had misgivings that the Platonic school, the Academy in Athens founded in 387 B.C., indulged in homosexual activity. The assumption that the greatest minds of the Greek antique were practicing homosexuals did not bother me insomuch as that they were gay, much more the oddity that, it was believed that the culture of discourse was heavily linked with the analysis of anal pleasures as a sort of effective synergy.

The schools were definitely exclusive and for men only; however, due to general distrust and ignorance from the public eye, rumors found their way and the institute of inquiry became known as a place for the seduction of students. Now the school did not protest, for a greater secret had to be kept.

Sex does still play a significant role in that den of male lust; however, this rather other platonic relationship did not involve the interaction with other men.

Women were excluded, homosexuality a farce; and so what was this art of sex, if it can even be called this way, be? Anaphlan.

It was believed and in some exclusive circles still believed that sexual intercourse drains energies or practically seen stamina, which are the same energies used to drive intellectual stimulation, thus sexual intercourse causes procrastination. Primitive man’s basic goals revolved around satisfying the basic needs to procreate. Sexual intercourse being the epitome and confirmation of success would thus satisfy man’s inner drive and cause man to “chill”. This poses a threat to changing civilizations, which were not necessarily fear-based societies. (Fear which also causes a civilization to move “forward”) Following the rationale of the Athenian Academy: A) Man needed sexual relief as nature has constituted man this way and B) Sex requires a huge amount of energy, the preparation as in courting, the act itself and all the unnecessary drama surrounding it, and the frustration if one did not receive it at the desired moment. As they believed in human evolution through the mind, this did pose quite a challenge if not contradiction.

Thus, the intermediate relief system was developed or rather reenacted from mythological times. It perfected masturbation in such a way that it mirrored the orgasms from sexual intercourse, yet left out the drama and superfluous energy destroyer (in rare cases restorer), the sexual partner out, thus minimizing energetic/intellectual drain of brainpower, and provided a revolutionary hands-free approach.

Man no longer had to dirty his hands and deal with the white aftermath, thus resuming a clean mind as well as clean hands.

The scholars believed that there was no such thing as uncomplicated sex with a partner over a long time period, for a marriage was and is believed to be a preoccupation, and since prostitution as a medium was not without consequences, the mastering of masturbation was of significant importance. Man’s sexual satisfaction was met and the baggage of irrational dependence was eliminated. Male academia would be free from wasteful longings and could then fully utilize their new independence for the advancement of civilization.

This great secret was kept within the doors of the schools; yet was also written down and has resurfaced as new challenges for accommodating population dichotomies exist. Plato’s Anaphlan Technique does not have the primary goal to become a population solution, but to explore new unisexual possibilities for the new man or woman.

The secrecy surrounding it possibly had much to do with the effect it could have on the whole of society. (Other theories revolve around the notion that it was ritualistic and only reserved for an inner circle.)

If the art is practiced correctly, men and women will finally become sexually independent of one another. Allowing the interaction between men and women and the concept of family to be redefined. The laws of society will be rewritten and the millennia old patriarchal rule will cede to exist. As the time has come to alter the course of history and possibly liberate larger sections of society and possibly contain unnecessary breeding, this secret shall be revealed to all races, colors and creeds.

The secret of sexual independence has been written down in the Book of Mannousakis. The coming translation will be an abridged version from ancient Greek into the current world language and only contains the vital and relevant information. The origins of the Book of Mannousakis and that the secret masturbation technique originates from the Academy are debated. Some regard it to be a modern day hoax others argue that it may have originated from Atlantis, noting that it was Plato who first revealed Atlantis; both sides, however, acknowledge that the technique is highly effective, easy and revolutionary.

This secret knowledge shall be revealed to the public on this website [] on the 08.08.2008.

The complete Book of Mannousakis will not be revealed until 2012.

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