SEO – Pay Per Click SEO and Conversions

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Sometimes attracting less traffic to your web site is actually a good thing, especially if they are all buying your product or service or subsequently clicking on your affiliate links. If they are not and your numbers are large then chances are that your SEO (search engine optimization) attempts are simply bringing you more untargeted traffic, which means that you are appealing the Internet equivalent of the window shopper that never buys.

Pay per click search engines is all about web conversion. It is not about getting more traffic, as most people new to this kind of business often believe. Web conversion describes the ratio of sales to visitors to your website. So for example, if you get 100 unique visitors to your website and make 1 sale, your conversion rate is 1/100 or 1%. If you master the fine art of pay per click SEO copy and find just the right targeted keywords to use in ads and copy you could increase that conversion rate 100 times.

Increasing your web conversion ratio is one hundred times more important than getting traffic. Here is another example. For instance you can make a healthy income if you manage to attract 100 targeted visitors to your website a day through a pay per click program. If you are charging $ 200 for your product then you would make $ 1400 per week. This means your conversion ratio is 1%. It only took 200 clicks to get you this kind of traffic at .05 a click so your ROI (return on investment) is actually $ 690 (minus the ten bucks you spent on clicks.)

The important thing to remember that a lot of visitors are flattering but not necessarily a good thing. Too much traffic can even stress out your website host so much that they shut down your site!

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