Make DVD On CDRs

A digital versatile disc, or DVD, is a form of storage media. The process of storing data onto a DVD is called 'DVD burning'. Copying a DVD onto a DVD-R is easy, but when the copying is to be done on a CD-R, the whole process becomes complicated. However, software to make DVDs on a CD-R is now available.

Requirements for burning a DVD onto a CD-R are a computer, a DVD, a blank CD-R and customized software. Freeware software is also available on the Internet, but is inefficient and slow. A user can buy customized software for this purpose on the Internet.

The software that burns DVDs on CD-Rs is a conversion application that automatically compresses the data to fit a CD-R. The software first transfers the data on the DVD to the hard disc. The burn process, which is extremely fast and stable, is then initiated. The data transferred to the CD-R is flawless, and will be of picture quality if the CD-R is good. With the help of software, a user can save money, as a DVD-R and DVD burner is not required in this process. The only investment that is required is a rented DVD.

A DVD is smaller and stores more data than a CD-R. A standard DVD can hold around 4.7 GB of information, whereas a CD-R can store only about 0.7 GB. A DVD requires a red laser to read the stored data, whereas an infrared laser reads a CD-R. These differences make it difficult to burn a DVD onto a CD-R. With the help of customized software, the process can be made much easier.

The software enables users to make back-up copies of their favorite movies, games, and audio files. One major drawback of this utility is that it is used to sell copyrighted material. This can be avoided by encrypting special codes into the DVDs to disable copying.

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