Creating a Winning Name For Your Internet Radio Show Or Podcast

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Let me ask you something.

Do you judge whether you're going to invest time or money in something based on its name or title, at least, initially?

What about the title of a book, movie, television show, website, play?

Of course, you do. We all do.

That's one of the reasons you must choose the title of your Internet radio show or podcast with care. A creative, catchy title can significantly impact the number of people who take interest in your project and can serve as a powerful attractor to your programming.

What follows, consequentially, are tips for picking a name or title for your show:

First, make sure that your title accurately describes the unique selling proposition (USP) of your show. In other words, what information (or benefits) is your show selling? Embody that in a title. For example, the name of my radio show, the " Secret Information Revealed Show " effectively communicates its USP which is as a purveyor of helpful little-known and highly-guarded information.

Second, to the extent possible, your show name should arouse curiosity. What does this mean? It should naturally trigger questions in the mind of your potential audience. The Secret Information Revealed Show is another great example of a name that accomplishes this. Arouusing curiosity serves to draw your potential audience in – to give you and your show a try. But here's the rub: the name or title should also be suggestive of answers to the questions that the title brings to mind, hence my use of the word " REVEALED " in my show title.

Third, do not forget that your show is Internet based, consequently, when considering possible show names make sure that the domain name is available. So, come up with as many name alternatives as possible until you find one that is available. Further, in my opinion, you should always get a ".com" address versus any other extension. However, if you have come up with a killer name and its only available in ".net" go ahead and snag it.

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