Troubled With a Slow Computer? – Fix Your Slow Computer Instantly!

Lots of PC users are troubled with slow computer speed no matter how fast their computers are right now. Actually, there may be a great number of possible reasons to computer's low productivity, which results in kinds of solutions to fix a slow computer such as adding more RAM, upgrading hard drive. Here are some ways that help your slow computer to regain some of the speed and performance instantly.

1. Remove unneeded items from startup menu. Just point your mouse to "Start", and then type "msconfig" into the "Run" box and then hit "Enter" to access System Configuration Utility, then uncheck the programs that you do not need to automatically load every time your start up the computer within "Startup" tab. After the simple setting here, your slow startup problem will be fixed.

2. Remove unused stuffs from the computer. Although hard disk space does not directly cause sluggish computer speed, if too many unused programs exist on the computer, the system resource will be greatly ate up when booting up the computer. To fix a slow computer, what you need to do is: uninstall the unnecessary programs by going through Add / Remove Programs, and then clear the system junk files with Windows built-in Disk Cleanup.

3. Use Disk Defragmenter. Please note that your hard drive will become fragmented as you uninstall programs or remove files. If the hard drive becomes too fragmented, it will consume more time for the hard disk head to find / reassemble all parts of a single unit together, which will make the computer run slowly. Simply go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools. Normally, it will take you some time to finish the whole defragment process. But please belittle it-it plays important role in fixing a slow computer.

4. Use a registry utility. Windows registry is a database which contains the setting information of the Windows. It also contains the information of hardware and software installed on the PC. No matter when you make changes on the Control Panel settings, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected in the registry. Because of frequent use, registry errors come inevitably. It will cause the files (date) inaccessible / program can not be opened / system slowness / random system crashes. Seriously, it will stop you from successfully logging into the system.

5. Another way to fix your slow computer is to clear Internet cache and delete your cookies. This helps you to solve slow Internet speed and prevent the pop-ups from appearing time and time again.

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