Freestyle Formulas

If you are a free-styler, you have to have some kind of basic foundation and that’s what we are going to talk about in this article. There are quite a few types of freestyle formulas that you will use to help you rhyme. For your basic foundation, you want to remember that you will maintain a 1-2-3-4 structure. We’ll discuss a couple of ways that you can work within that structure.

Formula #1 – Flow, Rhyme, Flow Rhyme

With this formula, the 2nd and 4th flows are the ones that will rhyme. If you do this, you will create a natural freestyle.

Formula #2 – Flow, Flow Flow Rhyme, Flow, Flow, Flow, Rhyme

With this particular formula, you will rhyme on the 4th flow and the 8th flow.

Formula #3 – No Rhyme Formula

This is a very interesting formula. You see with freestyle, you don’t always have to rhyme. Even though you don’t rhyme, you will still follow the 1,2,3,4 formula. You’ll have four flows separated by a slight pause in between each flow.

Formula #4 – Emphasis of the RHYME

As you’re flowing, you must emphasize the rhyming words. So you’ll use your normal voice for freestyling and then when rhyming you’ll use your voice in such a manner that you will have complete power as you emphasize the rhyming words.

These different formulas are all different formats that you can use as you develop your rhymes. As always, you must make sure that you practice rhyming with each of these basic formulas. By this time, you are probably thinking where am I going to fit all this practice time in.

It is very important that you plan out your practice. There is a lot to practice and it must be planned out. You are going to have to allot a certain amount of time for practicing of each formula. You will want to spend time every day playing scrabble either on the Internet or with another player. You want to spend time working your crossword puzzle and word search as well as the cryptogram. Finally you want to take time to practice your rhyming and flowing. To become a great freestyle rapper is going to take practice and focus on your part.

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