Dish Network's Programming Packages

Going through several decisive tasks in choosing the right satellite TV would have consumed most of your valuable time. Now that the selection has been confirmed, its time for you to relax and look into the menu of interesting programs that you want to watch. Yes, its time for choosing your Dish Network programming package. Although you always have an option to choose the package after you place the order but still its better to select the package during the process itself. This would help you choose the available packages and prevent any future discrepancies.

Dish Network offers programming packages that suits your choice and economy. From just $ 19.99 per month to $ 84.99 per month subscribers can choose any package as per the need. This satellite TV has channels at the price that you want. Then why choose other satellite TV providers.

Dish Network has exceptionally exciting packages to delight you and your family members. The packages are America's Top 60, America's Top 60 plus, America's Top 120, America's Top 180 and America's "Everything" Pak . Each program package is unique, that covers the versatile benefits of each family member with the best entertainment, sports, news and children's programming.

America's Top 60

America's Top 60 package is the basic programming entry package. The monthly price is $ 29.99 / month. Some dealers offer the same package for just $ 19.99 a month. Most people choose this package to compare the services with the cable TV. This is the cheapest when compared to cable TV and this package provides programs better than the cable TV at this price. This package covers almost all the major pay channels of United States which include ESPN, CNBC, ABC Family, Nickelodeon, Star Sports etc. with the local channels which is for free (local channels are area specific).

America's Top 120

This package would cost you $ 39.99 / month. This is the most popular package as it offers 120 all-digitalized channels that includes the best of entertainment, news, movies, children's and family programs. With all the former provisions it also provides more than 30 commercial-free, CD-quality music channels. The subscribers would also receive the regional sports network (s) depending on the location they live in.
It also covers channels like Toon Disney, Soap Net, American Movie Classics, and Turner Classic Movies etc. which were not available with the America's Top 60 package.

America's Top 180

If you are a big music buff then here is the thing you are looking for. America's Top 180 is the Dish Network programming package that offers you a wide range of music TV channels. Along with that you also get channels like History Channels International, Discovery kids, Encore, FOX Movie Channel and and more with the all-digitalized America's Top120 and America's Top 60 channels at just $ 49.99 / month.

A Dish 500 is required to receive all the channels in the package.

The music channels include Sirius music channels and others which cover the music from the classics to the latest jazz and rap. Kids can also enjoy this package as the package provides you kid tunes for kids.

America's Everything Pak

America's Everything Pak covers all the channels without anything left for you to ask for. This covers all the channels from the above packages which makes the count of 230 channels and also offers 31 commercial-free premium movie channels like Multimax from Cinemax, Showtime Unlimited, HBO The Work, Starz Encore Super Pak etc. Subscribers will receive more than 2000 movies per month.

This unlimited fun and entertainment will cost only $ 84.99 / month. This is best package for TV lovers and movie maniacs. It also has NBA TV.

Dish Network has always displayed a variety in programming packages. For years it has been the choice of many as it has something for everyone. One can select programs and packages depending on the channel choice and money factor. Here, the best advice in picking the package would be to select the programming package depending upon the channels that fulfills your need instead of picking the package that have more programming channels.

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