How To Download Music To Zune

So you just got your Zune player and you are excited and ready to download music but you’re not sure what to do or where to go? Well this article will show you how to download music to your Zune player and review the different download options.

Downloading your favorite CD to your Zune player is really simple. First put your CD in your computer and open your media player. Then click on the song that you would like to copy to your Zune. Click on Rip and save the song in your music library using one of the following extension (.wma, .wmv, .mp3, .jpg, .mp4, .m4v, .m4a, .m4b, .mov). Plug in your Zune player into your computer via the USB cable. The Zune software will automatically search for music that is saved with the above file extensions. If you set the sync option by default when you installed the software all the music in your media library will automatically be copied to you Zune player when you plug it in to your computer. If not you will need to sync your files manually in order to get your music on the zune player.

The wonderful thing about the Zune player is that you can pull music from all kinds of sources. The most popular option is to download songs from a website. Websites offer two options for downloading songs. The first option is to pay a fee per song (usually $0.99 a song) and the second allows you to sign up for a membership and get unlimited downloads. Membership to these websites can range from $14 – $40 and your membership can last a few months or up to a lifetime.

The most economic way to download is to purchase a membership to a website. You will defiantly save money in the long run because paying $0.99 for a song can get very expensive if you are downloading a lot of songs. Most memberships offer access to the latest songs and they have millions of songs to choose from. Also some memberships offer access to videos, movies, games, tv shows and more.

Downloading to your Zune is as simple as clicking a few buttons and picking your favorite songs. Whether downloading music from your favorite CD or by purchasing a membership to a website these steps will allow you download your favorite tunes to your Zune.

Happy listening!

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