Mind Power – The Greatest Computer

The greatest mystery in all of creation is the human mind. The late President of the United States, John F. Kennedy described man's mind as "the most extra-ordinary computer of all". This evaluation is based on the complex nature and working mechanism of the mind. The brain which the mind uses is known by scientists to have over 10 billion neurons or nerve cells in the brain's cerebral cortex, intricately interwoven and installed in an orderliness that would baffle any electronics genius. The tiny brain of a child of four, for instance, is said to be more powerful than any computer designed by man. This is demonstrated in the child's ability to utilize common sense or in exercising judgment.

The brain's five basic functions of touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing are normally taken for granted. But are you aware that beyond these five physical functions, there is an extra-ordinary quality associated with the brain? Dr JB Rhine, a famous American psychologist, successfully conducted experiments to prove that telepathy and intuitive inspiration are all part of our brainpower. It is this extra-ordinary quality of the brain and its link with the human mind that is discussed here. This quality confers on man the ability to create, and creation is man's so-called godly attribute. But how do you create? The answer is simple. You create through your mind using your thoughts.

Rest assured that you can use your mind to create anything you desire – the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly – anything at all. That is the reason why you must learn to control your thoughts because of the irrepressible nature of the human mind. MIND POWER at work here.

Dr Steve Pink of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had also made an interesting observation. Today's computers are acquiring more and more processing power, he asserted, but even the most powerful computer can not compare with the brain of the little child mentioned earlier. This is indeed an astonishing phenomenon! No computer has been known either to re-write its program or regenerate itself with the passage of time. A computer program would be required to carry out any such needed adjustments using newly coded instructions or commands.

But with the brain, an organ through which the mind expresses itself, such adjustments are achieved automatically all through the individual's life. The brain regenerates itself. It can safely be stated without contradiction that the most advanced computers are primitive devices when compared to the human brain and mind. Have you considered the system that makes it possible for you to remember new names and new faces year in and year out? Can you imagine the size of the computer memory disk that would have made this possible – imponderable, you might say.

Brian Tracy in his fast selling book, "Maximum Achievement", has likened the human mind to the Central processing Unit (CPU) of a large computer network, which can be accessed, affected and programmed by operators from several sources. Any new information or data, whether true or false is taken in and alters operations in every other area.

The subconscious mind is the most critical region of the CPU of this network and your main task is to program yourself so that what you think, feel and believe become the mental equivalent of exactly what you wish to experience and enjoy practically and physically. In other words, you must paint a clear bright picture of who and what you want to be in mind, so that this picture will be etched on your conscious from where it is transmitted on to the subconscious to be acted up for concretization. All this in a nutshell describes the mechanism of the MIND POWER philosophy outlined in a very simple and readable form in the Success through Mind Power book.

Author: Michael Obi

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